Posted on Fri 10 February 2012

Envoyés Spéciaux Algeriens - Yet another blown chance

PS : ESA stands for Envoyées spéciaux Algeriens.

Classic media is run and controlled by entities which among other things, censor content based on their own interest and do not report everything, most of these medias follow the "update our news website once a day" model, which is outdated and is put to shame by the speed at which news and word flows in social media sites like twitter and facebook basicly, these guys just dont get it and probably won't until its too late.

ESA. is a facebook page run by a couple of regular guys, trying to fulfill the urgent need for a decentralised news source in algeria, they currently have nearly 100k likes, which is quite alot for an algerian page, and you'll want to turn those numbers into something that makes more sense than a facebook page, which brings us to

Make something people want

is YCombinator 's motto, basicly if you wanna succeed, you'll have to make something that will affect the daily lives of algerians, and there arent that many things to chose from, heck, such a list does not even exist given how young and hard-to-understand the algerian web market is.

The ESA case

the idea is simple yet so powerful, the need is there, and so are the users.

Today, ESA launched their very much hyped Website. , it's ugly, feels old already, no innovation whatsoever, it looks like a regular, classic media website. it turns out ESA also don't get it.

now, making a realtime user based news and events site is neither a trivial task nor a hard one but spending months tweaking a joomla site using a wysiwyg app or something like that, to launch a possibly 100k+ users website is just hilarious and laughable.

i herby officially add ESA to my joomla ( or any CMS for that matter ) victim list.

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