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Fennecs WebOs - A bad idea

Fennecs is, or shall i say was given its current status an algerian web based open source operating system project. The project failed before even reaching a concretized project state, not a single line of code was written, there was just talk, the whole thing was merely an idea, a bad one..

Envoyés Spéciaux Algeriens - Yet another blown chance

Classic media is run and controlled by entities which among other things, censor content based on their own interest and do not report everything. Most of these medias follow the "update our news website once a day" model, which is outdated and is put to shame by the speed at which news and word flows in social media sites like twitter and facebook basicly, these guys just dont get it and probably won't until its too late.

Réussir sur la toile Algérienne

Sur la toile algérienne, il Manque tout, sauf les sites d'annonces, chaque 'dlala" de quartier à son propre site d'annonce

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